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How hard is it to exercise? Really?


Jarrett Francois

May 14, 2024

Very hard. Just going to jump to the chase right now. That’s pretty obvious, though, and I rarely find people are surprised by that answer,

Not to sound mean, but if the answer is presumed,

why bother asking?

I think it’s because, deep down, we are hoping to hear a different answer.

And I will offer some more hope besides the harsh “sh*t sucks* intro if you’ll hear me out.

While it takes hard work and consistency no matter what, the path you can take can radically change your experience.

The most perfect, most effective workout plans can only really deliver a pound of fat loss a week (maybe) or a half pound of muscle gain. Even that is pushing it.

You may be doing the math already, guessing how much body fat you want to lose and what muscle you want to gain.

But again, those numbers are from the best plans, followed nearly perfectly and often with supervision. If you’ve never tried to follow a workout/ diet plan before, let me warn you now that the more regimented and strict you are, the more miserable you will likely be.

I promise I’m not trying to talk you out of exercising. I’m just being honest that the results everybody wants can take a long time. 

So, the best thing you can do in the beginning is really try to make fun with it.

I know it seems simple and cliche. But If it’s going to take 1-2 years (sometimes longer for some SORRY GOTTA BE REAL HERE) then rushing the process will just injure your body or your ego.

The silver lining is that exercise can become fun pretty quickly. This is clearly one of those “everyone is different” scenarios, but you can be endlessly creative if needed.

And that, my friends, is where I come in to help. 

I often say that I can’t lift the weight for you but can at least help make it less boring. Or by giving you the quickest path from A to  ABs…. Had to lol

To sum up, exercise all sciencey-

It is intentionally performing a(n) movement to illicit a physical adaptation over time.


Run a lot to get better at running a lot

That’s the confusing world of fitness summed up, really.

All the “hype” is just the HOW people like to perform their movements.

Which is the perfect place to begin if you are new to this world. By learning the basic movements which make up all exercises. If you can understand 6, you are good to go and will pick up the rest along the way. I promise.

These 6 major movements govern all exercises. And this is where things begin to expand quickly. I’ll limit some of the specifics for simplicity’s sake, but each major movement can be subdivided into 3-6 more targeted movements.

Now, let’s put it another way.

Each major form of exercise training (based on the changes it produces) equates to a color, and thus we start with 6 major colors

We can blend these colors to make new colors with different shades and tints and all that jazz, but it doesn’t change the color too much. Purple to violet is much closer than Red to Blue.

A simple kindergarten level color code can help us lost and overthinking adults.

The golden rule about getting in shape and exercising the right way (for it to be considered training) is that the workouts must become more difficult over time.

This means we just need to change a variable or two of our workout and BOOM- more results. 

After cycling through a few variables, you can repeat your training cycle or switch gears to new forms of training.

This usually means unlocking new toys to play with, too, but you don’t have to.

Just like painting, you can always use your favorite brush (machine) if you would like.

So, if you’re new and not sure where to begin, then I’ll say it again-

Just learn the exercises first (learn how to paint)

This only takes 2-3 weeks, and then you’ll be set for months or years.

You’ll avoid the completely unnecessary torture of trying to have an intense workout after just beginning.

My declassified gym survival guide is the easiest, quickest, cheapest, and I would say most entertaining way to learn these beginning workouts.

I used to charge $75 for 25-minute sessions, which rarely allowed for more than 2-3 exercises.

This guide will teach you nearly 70 for less than a third of the cost, which is less than most gym memberships.

Click here and snag it from the home page.

Hope it helps! 

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